Social workers have tough jobs. This store is one way I hope to bring levity to their lives.  But also, coffee.

At least once a week throughout 2021, I will send a $5 Starbucks gift card to a  social worker who is working on the front lines during COVID-19.  Wanna chip in $5?  You can do it any of these ways:

1. Leave a tip at checkout and a note that says "coffee" if you are already buying something from this website.

2. Send $5 via Cashapp to $melaniesageSW with a note that says "coffee"

3. Send $5 via Venmo to @melaniesageSW with a note that says "coffee"

4. Send $5 via Paypal to with a note that says "coffee"

When I send the gift card to a social worker, it will include a note with your first name, i.e., "Paul bought you coffee!" You can choose to add an additional note of appreciation that I will pass along.

It's a small thing but I promise it will earn a smile!

(Are you a social worker?  Wanna $5 Starbucks gift card? Drop a comment here, I'll pick someone each week!)