This online store is managed by Melanie Sage. I hold a BSW, MSW, and PhD in social work, and has been a social worker (child welfare, mental health, training, psychiatric, crisis lines, private practice, and now teaching and research) for 20 years. However, this store is not social work- it just for fun and to spread social justice in the world.

The goods in this store are printed and shipped directly by the contracted printer. Sometimes things are out of stock- sorry about that! I will do my best to find a new vendor when one place is out, but COVID has created national shortages in factories.  The USPS is also incredibly backed up. I encourage you to order early and expect about two weeks for arrival.

Designs are original and created by me. I've been playing with graphic design and art for more years than I've been a social worker. Fun fact!  I ran an art rubber stamp business through my late teens to early 30s! I love creating, and this website has been a fun adjunct to my professional roles. I love to bring together my love for creativity and social work in this way.

Please bookmark this site as a place to find social work gifts. I would love to add your pics of images you order to the website- please send them to me with your permission! I'll send you a discount coupon!

If you want to know about my other kinds of work, please find me on Twitter